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Microsoft Outlook: Simplifying the daily tasks that tie up your time. From the basics of email organization to the advanced levels of customized settings throughout Outlook's extensive features, we'll show you how to navigate this fundamental program. Streamline your daily, routine tasks and start saving time! Tasks, Appointments, Emails, Notes… From basics to advanced, we will get you there!

Presenter: Shainy Blau, Brooklyn, NY
Location: Conf. Room #5, 3rd Floor, Oholei Torah, 667 Eastern Parkway

CLICK HERE to download the workshop audio (90 min) -
right click on the click here link and hit save target as

CLICK HERE for the accompanying powerpoint presentation (PPT)

CLICK HERE for the accompanying powerpoint presentation (PDF)
I'm passionate about utilizing Outlook to stay organized, keep sane and remain on top of the game. And I'd love to help you get there! Contact us for a personalized training session, at our office or yours - or via cyberspace.
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