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Moving You Forward

Is your limited computer knowledge hindering your growth? Are you spending too much time trying desperately to figure things out on your own? Do you wish you could have a personal teacher come to your home or office and answer all your computer questions? Now it's possible! Whether you're a Shliach or Crown Heights resident, beginner or advanced, our training is geared specifically toward your particular level and interest. If you're ready to learn, we're here to help! Call or email today for further information on how we can be of service to you.

Click on the titles below to see a full description of our courses.

Before beginning the training, we offer an optional 1-hour analysis of your general office operation exploring avenues of improvement in numerous areas. We’ll offer suggestions to help cut costs and generate income, increase productivity and reduce aggravation.
Windows Explorer, keyboard shortcuts, systematic filing, optimized search options and other key features are the stepping stones to enhancing your computer productivity.
Think you can skip this one? Think again! Do you know how to use the format painter, set your auto correct options, highlight vertically, customize your toolbar and record a Macro? These valuable time-saving tricks and so many others are a must when speed & efficiency are priority.
Whatever level you're at, beginner, intermediate or advanced – we’ll pick up the training where you left off last and show you the incredible capabilities of this simple yet vital program.
The drafting board for your creativity, Publisher is a user-friendly design programs that will enable you to have flyers, newsletters, brochures and more designed right out of your office. We'll provide you with templates created specially for Chabad House use and up to 1,000 fonts.
From the basics of email organization to the advanced levels of customized settings, we’ll show you how to navigate this fundamental program and give you tips on organizing all your tasks with the versatile outlook calendar. If you’re an AOL user, it's time you projected a better image -- we can get you and all your mail transferred over to Outlook in no time and before the day is out, you'll be sending email from This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Not to worry about all the email still coming to AOL - we have the perfect solution for that as well!
If you’re not proficient at mail merging, your Chabad House is certainly losing out. Learn it all from customizing letters to printing labels in one short hour.
Learn how to easily copy text, images and even edit the PDF – yes, you can edit the text on the PDF! We’ll also teach you how to write PDF documents and prepare a file for print.
We’ll explore various data backup options with you and choose one that suits your budget and convenience, offering you peace of mind and a guarantee against data loss.
A comprehensive tutorial on how to get the most of your money when making any purchase online. We’ll provide you with a list of our favorite resources and the basic rule of thumb to follow when making purchases.
Now you can leave the office with peace of mind knowing that you’re never far from your important documents. Whether your secretary needs to log in from home on a snow day or you need to access your files while you're at the Kinus, this tool is simply fantastic!
Your window to the world of graphic design, Photoshop is chock-full of powerful tools enabling you to produce beautiful, professional graphics for web or print. Postcards, newspaper ads, website icons - you name it, Photoshop can get the job done! We'll teach you the basics of designing the above-mentioned projects and share our secrets on finding the best images at the lowest cost or better yet, FREE.
If you're just getting started and want a comprehensive tutorial, or perhaps you've been managing your site for some time now and want to advance your skills, this session will be customized to your level of knowledge and interest. Nothing will be left to chance and any questions you may have will be answered and demonstrated.
If you haven't yet taken advantage of this effective means of communication with your community, now's your chance to get started. We'll walk you through it all from generating and customizing the email, to building your list, to setting up Constant Contact or Communicator (if necessary) etc.. Of course we'll tell you about email etiquette as well and fill in the blanks on everything surrounding this powerful tool.
You may have seen some Shluchim sites with rollover buttons, neatly designed web forms or sophisticated tables — if it seemed these pages or special effects were not created within using the tools offered, you're probably right. Dreamweaver works nicely alongside, offering more options and advanced features and also serves as a great HTML editing program for your weekly email newsletters. If you're ready to take your web-design skills to the next level, this lesson is for you.
Never waste endless hours on the phone again! Funeral and Shiva notifications, community event reminders, volunteer recruiting, snow day cancellation, special announcements, invitations, weekly class reminders for JLI students - these are just some of the numerous uses of Phone Tree. Why do the calls yourself when Phone Tree can effectively deliver the same message while you use those precious hours on various other tasks requiring your attention? If you have this time-saving unit, we'll show you all the neat ways you can use the phone tree, based on our years of experience and the 8-hour seminar we took with Phone Tree training personnel. If you have an old unit collecting dust on the shelf, we can trade that in for you and save you hundreds of dollars on the latest model! (To learn more, click here to read what we wrote for Phone Tree's synagogue page).
Keeping your organization and activities in public sight is of utmost importance. We'll share our tips on writing press releases and walk you through contacting the appropriate departments at your local paper with effective cover letters that ensure your press release gets the attention it deserves.
Credit card processing at your mosad allows donors a hassle-free way to contribute on a constant basis whether online or though an automated monthly donation program. If you haven't yet set this up, we'll present you with our research on 5 different merchant processor options and guide you through selecting the one that best suits your needs.
Whether it’s the palm pilot, blackberry or iphone, we’ll help you get it loaded up and maximize its potential so that you’re fully equipped and in sync when you’re on the run.
If it takes you more than 16 seconds to find a document, your filing system needs help. Statistics show that the average person in an office spends a ridiculous 150 hour each year looking for misplaced or incorrectly filed items. If you're one of those, we'll help you revamp your filing system according to time-proven methods recommended by organizational experts.
Your lobby is prime real estate – are you maximizing its use? We’ll guide you through various options and ideas that will enhance your lobby setup and provide Chabad House visitors with all necessary information and a whole lot more.
If there’s a topic not covered here, tell us about it – chances are we’ll be able to include it in your customized 2-day training session. Whether it's another area of training or helping you reorganize or design your office space, we're open to all ideas! Just don't ask about Powerpoint - we'll get there one day, but for now...

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